Changing Outcomes


Treating Stroke and Vascular Occlusions

26 strokes and 10 resulting deaths occur each minute due to vascular occlusion.

VESALIO is driving innovation to improve care for patients in critical need and benefit the physicians that treat them.

Taking Clot Capture to the Next Level
Drop ZoneTM Technology

When a blood clot blocks flow in the brain, imminent tissue death is avoidable only if the blockage is quickly and effectively resolved.

Clots vary in density, size, and composition. Adding to the challenge, physicians cannot ascertain clot type before an intervention.

NeVa™ ALL CLOTS CAPABILITY brings substantial advantages to physicians and patients in thrombectomy procedures.

NeVa removes ALL clot types.

NeVa provides real-time feedback during the procedure.

NeVa captures clot inside & retains fragments.

A Different Mechanism of Clot Interaction

NeVa™ is engineered for stroke intervention. Its DROP ZONE™ technology captures ALL clot types, including harder, resistant ones which elude conventional stent retrievers.


A powerful predictor of a good outcome is restoring blood flow in the first thrombectomy pass. NeVa™ users consistently report excellent FIRST PASS SUCCESS even in challenging occlusion locations.

Do The Drop Zone

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