Why is Vesalio Driven to Advance Stroke Treatment

Ischemic Stroke is a devastating acute condition with a high risk of loss of life or neurological function. It is an emergency condition, where death rapidly spreads through brain tissue and every minute is crucial.

Today, thanks to highly trained neuro-endovascular interventionalists, saving patients once considered untreatable is possible. 

Stroke teams race against time to change the odds for patients​

The majority of strokes are due to a clot blocking circulation in the brain, hence removing these has been the target of interventional treatment for these critical patients.

Current clot removing technologies have crossed the chasm into mainstream therapeutic use, launching a new standard of care. However, today’s most commonly employed devices were adapted from technologies used for other indications, and are not specifically optimized for removing all neurovascular clots.

Clots come in different sizes and consistency. Studies have shown that when it comes to the more organized, fibrin-rich, hard or calcified varieties, conventional neuro-thrombectomy devices require multiple passes or fail completely.

NeVa™ is designed for 1st Pass Success with ALL clot types.


Taking clot capture to the next level with DROP ZONE technology.