neurosurgeon giving a thumbs up after using NeVa

With NeVa, Clots Don’t Stand a Chance

The Vesalio team has been working hard to meet the demand to #DoTheDropZone in regions with active NeVa commercialization.
In the first half of 2022, more than 100 physicians and stroke specialists from Europe and the Middle East were trained with the NeVa Drop Zone Retrieval Technique.


NeVa stats Jan-June 2022Vesalio Clot Interaction Workshops:
Six of these popular animal workshops facilitated by NeVa champions in Spain and Germany, gave 29 doctors from all over EMEA the opportunity to perform several thrombectomy procedures in close to real-life conditions with different clot types and sizes, including very hard clot varieties as big as 4cm and tandem occlusions.

Flow Model Workshops:
The Vesalio team bring hands-on training to your hospital with flow model workshops. In the first half of 2022, 17 in-person sessions trained 55 stroke physicians and technicians using the specifically designed Vesalio flow model.

NeVa Induction Webinars:
14 physicians from diverse locations joined us remotely in 6 online training sessions to learn about our technology, hear clinical results, tips and tricks, and case studies about NeVa in action.

Thank You, Thank You!

All of us at Vesalio extend our deepest gratitude to Dr. Juan Macho, Professor Alejandro Tomasello, Dr. Marc Ribo, Dr David Hernandez, and Dr. Daniel Behme for facilitating our Vesalio Clot Interaction Workshops.

And to all the participants, thank you for showing up. We know the value of you taking time out of your busy practices to attend these events. May your outcomes be better than ever!


Coming Up and Not to Miss!

We are continuing to expand our training options to reach diverse profiles for different training needs. One very interesting new offering coming up later in 2022 is the Drop-In On-A NeVa-Case Program, where remote attendees will watch in real-time as stroke experts conduct a live thrombectomy using NeVa. Stay tuned!


How About You?

If you’d like to learn more about NeVa or join us at one of our upcoming training sessions, please contact your local NeVa representative. Your patients will thank you!

Want to Know More?


We had so much fun #DoingTheDropZone with NeVa! Thank you to all of you who joined us! 

3 doctors looking at a screen while one doctor uses NeVa
doctors watching a NeVa demonstration
2 doctors at the NeVa training
two doctors watch a representative demonstrate NeVa
doctors smile for camera at NeVa training
Group of doctors at the NeVa training
NeVa with a clot in it
Large group of doctors at the NeVa training
doctors practicing with NeVa
doctors sitting around a large table watching a NeVa demonstration on a screen
two doctors watch a representative demonstrate NeVa
group of doctors that attended the NeVa training
neurosurgeon giving a thumbs up after using NeVa
three doctors and one rep at the NeVa training
NeVa rep working with a doctor to remove a clot