Nashville, TN, October 31, 2017 Vesalio announces the CE Mark certification of its first product line, the proprietary NeVa™ neurothrombectomy platform for the treatment of stroke.

Developed by a team of physicians that treat stroke, the NeVa mechanical thrombectomy technology was designed to improve “first pass” success, by effectively capturing and removing a clot that creates a sudden blockage in the blood flow to the brain. The European Journal of Neurology estimates that the number of diagnosed stroke patients in Europe will reach 1.5 million per year by 2025. Per the American Heart Association, stroke is currently the second leading cause of disability in Europe with an annual cost of €27 Billion.

Meet NeVa, a multifunctional device designed for 1st PASS success with ALL CLOT TYPES

Steve Rybka, CEO of Vesalio, commented “We are very pleased to obtain the CE marking of NeVa. This important milestone allows us to initiate our launch in Europe as we build our network of European distributors. We look forward to working with our physician and sales channel partners around the world to make NeVa the proven choice for stroke treatment.”

Vesalio created NeVa, a new mechanical stroke treatment system that improves 1st PASS success by effectively removing ALL CLOT TYPES, including where all others fail: Hard Clots

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