Taking Clot Capture to the Next Level with Drop ZoneTM Technology

The NeVa Neuro Thrombectomy consists of 3 Drop Zones to make one pass instead of multiple passes. Unique to NeVa, the Drop Zones are large, open pockets, offset at 90° to one another on the NeVa™ stent structure. They are designed to capture and retrieve all Clot Types, even the larger more organized variants.

Introducing 3 Drop zones

Multiple passes engineered into one!

Longer Working Lengths

Extended thrombus interaction for high clot burden!

product information

5.5x 37mm

  • Ideal for Proximal Carotid
    Artery occlusions
  • 3 Drop Zones
  • Vessel Diameters 3.5 – 5.5mm

4.5x 29mm

  • Ideal for ICA tip & MCA occlusions
  • 3 Drop Zones
  • Vessel Diameters 2.0 – 4.5mm