On January 18, 2019, Professor Serdar Geyik (Istanbul Istinye University) presented his early NeVa experience at the ABC-WIN Seminar in Val D’Isere, France.
Prof. Geyik’s 25-patient results yielded 1st pass TICI 2c/3 of 59% and 1st pass TICI 2b + of 81.9%. His final TICI 2c/3 and 2b + rates were 92% and 96% respectively. Final TICI scores were achieved with 1.5 average passes. Prof. Geyik commented that the short average procedure (groin-to-recan) time of 26 minutes was attainable due to the high number of first pass successes with NeVa™.
The Vesalio™ global team expresses their thanks and appreciation to Dr. Geyik and the Istinye University team for sharing the impressive NeVa™ data set.