The VESALIO team visited 9 hospitals in Germany during the week of March 11th and spoke to the physicians and stroke teams about their experience with NeVa, shared recommendations on the drop zone technique, compared viewpoints on best access strategies and discussed NeVa clinical plans. This week was also a week of strong exchange with the Prisma Plus team on strategic choices necessary in Germany.
In this action packed week, the highest point was the NEVA 1st PASS in Jena University.
VESALIO team were visiting Professor Thomas Mayer from Universitätsklinikum Jena when a 55 year old stroke patient presented with a left MCA (M1) occlusion. Professor Mayer and his team decided to do thrombectomy with a NeVa M1 under distal aspiration and got the clot out in a single pass. The resulting recanalization was a TICI 2C, achieved in just under 15 minutes from groin puncture. Best of all, since the patient had presented very early after the onset of symptoms and hardly had any ischemic core on his CT, he had an excellent recovery the very next day.
At VESALIO, we feel blessed to be part of the stroke field where together with these dedicated physicians, we can make an incredible impact on people’s lives.
Andreas Schreiner, the leader of Prisma Plus, Vesalio partner in Germany
Clot from Jena University Case