Impact of 1st PASS in early-onset stroke

NeVa™ 4.0 x 30 mm


55 year old stroke patient presented with hemiplegia and aphasia. Imaging confirmed a left MCA (M1) occlusion. The CBF map confirmed the existence of significant salvageable penumbra in the occluded area.

CT Image
AP View
Lateral View

Professor Thomas Mayer,
Head of INR Department
Jena University, Germany

The Procedure

Professor Mayer and his team decided to do thrombectomy with a NeVa 4.0 x 30 under distal aspiration and got the clot out in a single pass. 

Access to the Occlusion

NeVa 4.0 X 30 mm deployed in the MCA

First pass retrieval with the NeVa basket partially retrieved in the distal access/aspiration catheter

NeVa Basket with Incorporated Clot after the First Pass

The resulting recanalization was a TICI 2C, achieved in just under 15 minutes from groin puncture.

DSA (AP) AFTER first pass with NeVa: TICI 2C

DSA (Lateral) AFTER first pass with NeVa: TICI 2C

Diffusion-MR the day after the procedure showing minor infarct


Blocked M1. Hemiplegia & Aphasia at Onset

DSA (AP) BEFORE recanalization attempt with NeVa


Near Complete Recannalization and Resolution of Symptoms

DSA (AP) AFTER first pass with NeVa: TICI 2C

Clinical Success

Since the patient had presented very early after the onset of symptoms and hardly had any ischemic core on his CT, an excellent recovery was possible with no symptoms at 24 hours.

At VESALIO, we feel blessed to be part of the stroke field where together with these dedicated physicians, we can make an incredible impact on people’s lives.

Thank you Jena!