VESALIO was proud to be a sponsor of the SLICE 2019 congress conducted in Nice, September 30 to October 2, 2019.

Vesalio representatives met with existing and potential NeVa users and discussed their clinical cases. Additionally, we were thrilled to view a life-saving NeVa stroke case presented from the podium, describing how our Drop Zone technology was utilized to successfully recanalize a refractory occlusion which had resisted previous passes with a conventional stent retriever.

This second SLICE exhibition also marked the addition of a new member to the Vesalio team: We are delighted to welcome Jessica Koradin as our new Clinical Field Specialist. We are confident Jessica will make a significant contribution in training interventionalists and commercial partners in the efficient use of our technology.

We thank all stroke specialists who stopped by our booth to “DO THE DROP ZONE” on our flow model or discuss their first pass success rates with NeVa. We look forward to further collaboration with you.

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