Wake Up Stroke - Case Report

Left M1 Occlusion 1st Pass Success with NeVa™ "M1" (4.0 x 30 mm)

81 year old male patient presented with NIHSS of 21. The patient was last seen well 6.5 hours ago. Imaging confirmed Left MCA occlusion. Professor Dr. Serdar Geyik and the Medical Park Hospital team decided to treat the patient with thrombectomy using a NeVa "M1" (4.0 x 30mm) under distal aspiration.

Click here to read more about this case and see before and after images of their 1st Pass Success!

Thank you Istanbul!

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NeVa T, M1, M1-S and VS are CE-Marked

Caution - Investigational Device Limited by Federal Law

to Investigational Use.