Vesalio™ visible at Esmint 2019

VESALIO was proud to sponsor the ESMINT Society 11th annual meeting in Nice, from 4-6 September 2019.

The continued success of the differentiated NeVa™ thrombectomy line as well as the newly approved designs featuring Drop Zone™ technology ensured consistent traffic to the VESALIO exhibit, where the team engaged in fruitful exchanges with physicians.

“With our growing team, expanding portfolio and larger footprint, we believe the endovascular stroke space felt how much we have grown in 1 year. We will continue our commitment to first pass success in ischemic stroke.” commented the headquarters team present at the congress.

Vesalio thanks its partners Bormia, Key Medical, Infusion Healthcare, Mermaid Medical, Medikanova, MT Medical, and PrismaPlus for their presence, professionalism, and enthusiasm.

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The NeVa Thrombectomy product portfolio is CE Marked

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