1st Pass Success in Basilar Wake Up Stroke

with the 3 Drop Zone NeVa™ 4.5 x 29 mm
Clinical Case Report


Wake up stroke


68 year old female patient

last seen well >10 hours ago,

presenting with a NIHSS of 8. 

Imaging confirmed Basilar Occlusion and a Stenosis at the AICA Segment.​

Dr. Audrius Sirvinskas

Republic Vilnius University Hospital

Pre-op CT 

The Procedure

No IV-tPA (beyond indicated time window)

Dr. Sirvinskas decided to treat the patient with thrombectomy using a

NeVa 4.5 x 29.0 mm under local aspiration with a VECTA (ID: 0.074”)


Integrilin y 11mg I/V BOLUS

Full recanalization was achieved in a single pass.

Angio showing Basilar Occlusion

Angio showing full recanalization of the occlusion after the first NeVa pass

Post-Op CT 

Procedural Statistics

Clinical Success

24 hour NIHSS of the patient was 0.


Dr Sirvinskas declares:

“This case would hardly ever be recanalized in a single pass with any other device than NeVa. It is a true NeVa case!”


At VESALIO, we feel blessed to be part of the stroke field where together with these dedicated physicians, we can make an incredible impact on people’s lives. ​


Thank you Vilnius!

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